(Or should that be bucks?) The Amero is now coming. I have heard plenty of talk during the past couple of years about a new currency called the Amero which can replace dollars and pesos.

I thought initially it was only conjecture and gossip, but the longer I have explored it, the more I think it isn’t just actual…but coming shortly. And since a writer with your best financial interests in mind, I believe you want to know at least a bit about this.

A North American Union (NAU) using a frequent currency isn’t a new thought. However, the mass media has mostly ignored it, together with the fans and critics of this program being relegated to vague talk radio and Internet websites (ideally, this one does not fall to the latter).

But as 1999 a situation was building for the currency, and some think the present government is setting the stage for the debut of the Amero shortly, when 2010 some think. The dearth of severe intervention on illegal immigration combined with the continuing devaluation of the dollar and its own weakness in the world market is in reality the ideal place to set the basis for a new money. So I’ve been advised by different economists with much more smarts than myself.

That is where lots of men and women think the Amero will stem . This was a’dialogue’ (some state arrangement ) involving President Bush, Prime Minister Harper and President Fox to boost wealth and security among the three countries (wealth for whom is clearly debatable).

What you’ll see is that the SPP is a trilateral partnership established to maintain North America a secure and safe place to work and live. Why the open boundaries and absence of severe hands on illegal immigration? Certainly this type of strategy would entail tighter safety, not poorer.

It comes down to this. When there’s a strategy in the works to make a marriage of Canada, the USA and Mexico, the last thing you would need to do is near the boundaries. Quite the contrary. You need open borders. It is excellent for business. And as all of us know, big business and big multinational corporations are constantly on the lookout for new ways to create a profit. The NAU and the Amero is just one such way.

That is the big question. But in Europe the Euro wasn’t such a bad idea (though I know lots of individuals who disagree). The states of Europe are fairly well matched efficiently. Therefore it made sense to just make a Euro and promote cost-effective commerce between all of the different nations (obviously my home country Great Britain remains being tough…as we are). Additionally, it reduced a whole group of costs connected with exchange rates, fees etc.

For a planet super-power such as the USA to look at diluting its market with that of Canada and also a’third world’ country like Mexico, rife with corruption, looks initially ill-conceived. Unless, of course, the ultimate aim is to make”corporatism” — the merger of big company with large government (and some thing Mussolini called the base of fascism).

Fundamentally, together with all the NAU, multinationals are coping with a single money (the Amero), one controlling entity (government) and a single set of principles for all. Along with the advantage? Straightforward. To allow the sale, purchase and movement of products across the prior 3 nations smoothly and cheaply. And let’s not overlook the inception of a super-cheap work force and the eventual destruction of the middle class (that is happening).

As you can tell, I’m definitely not a supporter of this NAU. But I’m not a supporter of any policy that works to create the wealthy even wealthier, and earn a gain at the expense of the general public.

Also called the Trans Texas Corridor, this is yet another massive advantage to large businesses that will be made possible by the NAU and the Amero.

It is purpose? To transportation containers packed in foreign lands (Indonesia, China etc) from Mexican ports, throughout the USA and around Canada with enormously reduced transport expenses. Such a movement would just reduce the safety of America, to this extent that the boundaries would be wiped out. Along with the flood of Mexican trucks utilizing the street wouldn’t be asked to satisfy current US standards of security. In the conclusion of the afternoon, the Amero is a movement to make a select few so wealthy, they will make Bill Gates look like a welfare situation. Cash is power…and finally, that is what this is about.

Well, keeping yourselves educated is your first step. I have not even scratched the surface . Thus far, the public was kept in the dark concerning the Amero along with the NAU, and until you get a opportunity to protest you’re going to be spending you fresh, devalued currency and wondering exactly what happened.

Here are the links to a number of websites you are able to read. I’ve included information that is equally for and against the NAU and Amero, you’re all wise people, you are able to weigh the details over and make your own thoughts.